Изграждане и развитие на ЦВП „Наследство БГ“Creation and development of “Heritage BG” Centre of Excellence


The Centre of Excellence “Heritage BG” has a broad scope of action in terms of qualitative, effective and measurable impact through scientific production and applied developments for sustainable development.

Contribution >>>

Research and technological development

Lifelong learning

Educational environment for active social inclusion

Key effect >>>

Providing an attractive scientific environment

Quality of research

Development of innovations

Qualification of researchers and inventors

Motivation to complete higher education

Quality of school education, etc.

Additional effect >>>

Development of regions

International cooperation

Impacts through >>>

  • Innovation based on cultural heritage products 
  • VR design and VR demo centers
  • Educational games
  • Conservation, conservation and restoration of the heritage with new technologies
  • Developing marketing strategies for the creative industries and tourism
  • New educational products
  • Complementary horizontal activities through cloud infrastructure to access resources and services, including for the creative industries, tourism, etc.


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