Изграждане и развитие на ЦВП „Наследство БГ“Creation and development of “Heritage BG” Centre of Excellence

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The project “Creation and development of “Heritage BG” Centre of Excellence” contributes to implementation of cohesion policies at a national and community level, enhancing the impact of investment in science and research, developing integrated research and innovation in various scientific fields. The main aim of this project proposal is to improve the research environment and research quality as well as the marketing of their outcome in the spheres of Component 4 “New technologies in creative and recreation industries” (procedure BG05M2OP001-1.001, OP SEIG).

General overview of the project >>>

  • Activities aiming at creation of a new material base for research infrastructure allowing to plan much bigger and more complex projects.
  • Activities aiming at modernising of already existing infrastructure, including transforming of national monuments of culture into an up to date research facilities.
  • Activities aiming at providing a new top notch equipment for the needs of the project and enabling the researchers to take an active part in multidisciplinary and international projects of high science and material return.
  • Activities aiming at creation of a viable and energetic network of research and institutions.

The Centre of Excellence “Heritage BG” (CoE “Heritage BG”, CoE) aims to enhance R&D capacity in ISIS priority areas by creating and maintaining a complex of new and distributed high-level research infrastructure.

The complex provides research in accordance with good standards and practices, including training young scientists by engaging in a tangible scientific and development process.

The research domain is multidisciplinary scope >>>

1. Humanities and Arts – Philology; History and Archeology; Philosophy; Religion and Theology; Theory of Arts; Art; Music and dance art; Theater and film art.

2. Social, business and legal sciences – Sociology, anthropology and cultural sciences; Psychology; Public communications and information sciences; Administration and Management; Economics; Tourism; Pedagogy of training in (….).

3. Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics – Computer Science and Computer Science.

4. Engineering – Architecture, Construction and Surveying.

Target groups >>>

PhD students
Post-doctoral students
Young scientists
Postgraduate students
Participants in scientific research

Main activities at national level >>>

Provision of newly built infrastructure complexes; Increasing the number of researchers working under improved conditions; Appointment of new researchers; Preparation of doctoral students, post-doctoral students and postgraduate students in the thematic areas of CoE in accordance with ISIS; Acquisition of intellectual property rights; Joint research projects between CoE and business.

Main activities at international level >>>

Participation in leading R&D of leading national and foreign researchers in joint teams, incl. young scientists; Participation in R&D of scientists from other countries and / or Bulgarian scientists who work in foreign scientific organizations; Training of Bulgarian scientists through transnational mobility and international cooperation; Specializations abroad for CoE researchers; Participation of CoE in international research networks; Building strategic partnerships.

The effect we are expected >>>

– Improving the environment for research, improving the quality of research, the acquisition of new technologies and new content for the creative and recreational industries, knowledge transfer, market realization of results.

– Inclusion in the European area of ​​science and innovation in the field of cultural heritage, cultural and creative industries, cultural tourism through the exchange and collaboration of partners with different backgrounds.

Combining the scientific potential of partner organizations (scientific, academic, business-related), together with the potential of associate partners, through interdisciplinary teams for collaborative research, applied research, experimental development and innovation. Discovering and promoting new and improved knowledge about the cultural and natural riches of Bulgaria through new technologies for selecting, processing, describing and providing free access to samples of Bulgarian heritage (in the form of text, audio, video, virtual reality products, etc.

Development of methodologies and standards for the evaluation of cultural heritage sites.

Realizing a new vision of making cultural heritage a real resource for the creative and recreational industries at EU level, including by developing marketing strategies for the creative industries and tourism.

The new infrastructure is based on the “knowledge triangle" – education, research, innovation.

Provides advanced scientific equipment and scientific capacity as well as conditions for new competences and skills.

Supporting electronic infrastructure for shared remote access of researchers (working in their organization, in national or multinational scientific initiatives) to specialized scientific equipment, data, scientific products and additional targeted services.

Alternative opportunities for public access to knowledge, information and services through cloud technologies, Heritage BG specialized Data Center, integration web portal complemented by traditional but effective technologies for public communication (Educational TV, Internet).

National network of scientific and educational units for shared work and shared knowledge as an integral part of the pan-European research complex, providing similar services and conducting research at the same levels and quality, but geographically distinctive to serve a region.

International infrastructure for access by researchers from other countries to research and initiatives from different institutions.

New tangible and intellectual assets that will significantly improve and expand the systems of research, research, development, and innovation at national and European level.


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