Изграждане и развитие на ЦВП „Наследство БГ“Creation and development of “Heritage BG” Centre of Excellence

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Peer-reviewed thematic series // Two issues per year

ISSN (Print): 2815-3138 // ISSN (Online): 2815-3316


Year 1 / Issue 1

About Issue 1

1 – Albena Georgieva // The Cultural Heritage – A Matter of Training

2 – Zhelyu Vladimirov // Cultural Heritage as a Resource for Local Development

3 – Mariyana Nikolova, Stoyan Nedkov, Stеliуan Dimitrov, Bilyana Borisova, Miglena Zhiyanski // Conceptualization of Natural Heritage in the Context of the Ecosystem Approach

4 – Vanya B. Lozanova-Stancheva // Ancient Thracian Cultural and historical heritage: Use and Abuse

5 – Emmanuel Moutafov, Ivan Vanev // Mural Fragments and Inscriptions in Greek from St Anastasia Island and Their Context: Once Again about the Good Epigraphy and the Preservation

6 – Dimitrina Popova // Three Dimensional Digital Reconstructions in the Case Study of 19th Century House

7 – Valentina Ganeva-Raycheva // Biocultural Heritage – Linking Biological and Cultural Diversity (Cultural Policies and Practices)

8 – Mariyana Nikolova, Stoyan Nedkov, Stеliуan Dimitrov, Bilyana Borisova, Miglena Zhiyanski // Conceptualization of Natural Heritage in the Context of the Ecosystem Approach

9 – Goritsa Naydenova // Field Video Recordings from the 1950s in the Folk Music Archive of the Institute of Art Studies: Steps Towards Presenting Them in a Digital Medium

10 – Penka Vatova // The Dictionary as History of Bulgarian Literature

11 – Tsvetanka Pancheva, Aneta Doncheva // Multifunctional Model for Unified Description and Access to Unique Documents and Special Collections of Cultural Heritage

12 – Radoslav Spasov // The Visual Communication of the Local Religiosity as a Part of the Bulgarian Cultural Heritage

13 – Boyan Bontchev, Valentina Terzieva, Yavor Dankov // Educational Video Game for Valchan Voivoda

14 – Ivan Naydenov, Ilko Adamov // Creation of Feasible Non-player Character

15 – Dimo Chotrov, Antoniya Tasheva, Ivan Momchev // A Methodology for Design and Implementation of VR Applications in the Cultural Heritage Field


Year 2 / Issue 2

About Issue 2

1 – Zhelyu Vladimirov // Assessment of Cultural Heritage in the Town of Shumen by the Locals and Intentions to Contribute to
its Development

2 – Vanya Lozanova-Stancheva // Tragic Orpheus. Orpheus on the Stage of the Old Attic Theater 

3 – Стиляна Баталова // Покръстването на българите в ‘Acta Sanctorum’: интерпретации в зората на историко-филологическите
изследвания от времето на барока
// The Conversion of the Bulgarians in ‘Acta Sanctorum’: Interpretations at the Dawn of Historical-philological Studies in the Age of Baroque

4 – Тереза Бачева // Папа Адриан от църквата „Св. арх. Михаил“ в Долнобешовишкия манастир // Pope Hadrian from the Church of St. Archangel Michael in the Monastery of Dolna Beshovitsa

5 – Aneliya Nikolova, Boyka Zlateva, Deyan Lesigyarski // Non-destructive Analyses of the Colour palette, Gilding and Varnish of an Icon 

6 – Ива Станоева // Традиционните женски дейности като културно наследство // Traditional Women’s Activities as Cultural Heritage

7 – Alexandre Kostov // The Professional ssociations of Balkan Foresters until the First World War

8 – Ивайло Начев // Изменящи се наследства. Градската топонимия в балканските столици през 90-те години на XX в. между промяната и приемствеността // Changing Legacies. Urban Toponymy in the Balkan Capitals in the 90-ies of Twentieth Century Between Change and Continuity

9 – Donika Georgieva, Vatyu Tanev // Creative Conservation: Tell Yunatsite Beyond the Conventional 

10 – Татяна Томова // Традиции и иновации в мануалните въздействия за рекреация и уелбийнг // Traditions and Innovations in the Manual Impacts in Recreation and Well-being

11 – Йордан Донев, Димитър Трендафилов, Румен Йосифов // Водна среда – ефективен инструмент за здравна превенция и закаляване // Aguatic environment – An Effective Tool for Health Prevention and Hardening

12 – Mihail Konchev, Dilyana Zaykova // Evaluation of the Diet of Crossfit Participants in a Crossfit Affiliate Box in Sofia, Bulgaria

13 – Bistra Dimitrova, Svilen Neykov, Gergana Vasileva // The Multidimensional Content of Wellness Culture 


Year 2 / Issue 3

About Issue 3

1 – Mila Santova // Cultural Policies: Safeguarding and Socialization of Cultural Heritage (Intangible and Movable)

2 – Margarita Boeva // Motivations to Visit Heritage Sites of World and National Significance

3 – Mirella Kafkova, Irina Argirova // Organizations in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage – Non-formal Education and Good Practices

4 – Eli Filipova // Peculiar Diets and Food Taboos in the Ancient Thrace

5 – Samuil Kamburov // Data on the Warfare and Bladed Weapons on the Balkansfrom the 7th – 11th Century in Artistic Sources

6 – Maya Ivanova // The Unknown Epistolary Heritage of Professor Petar Dinekov in the Sofia Branch of the Central State Archives of Bulgaria: A Contribution to Our Cultural History

7 – Nedka Kapralova // The Bulgarian Revival in the Memories about Deeds and Events of its Builders: The Memoirs of Ekaterina Vassileva

8 – Zlatomira Gerdzhikova // The Arian Bishops from the Balkans

9 – Stela Nenova // Educational Activities for Safeguarding of the Cultural Heritage in the Chitalishte – Problems and Perspectives

10 – Velichka Aleksandrova // Wellness Aqua Programs Through Adapted Physical Activity and Sports for Children with Special Needs

11 – Irina Nesheva // Cheerleading – A Tool to Achieve Wellness Culture in the Bulgarian School

12 – Diana Popova-Dobreva // Wellness Innovations and Good Aromatherapy Practices in Bulgaria

13 – Darinka Ignatova // Wellness culture benchmarking at Bulgarian preliminary school

Year 3 / Issue 4

About Issue 4

1 – Vesela Atanasova // Lamp with the Image of the Greco-Egyptian God Sarapis from Deultum Eli Filipova, A ‘Manual’ of Table Manners in Ancient Thrace (according to Xen. Anab. 7.3)

2 – Eli Filipova // A ‘Manual’ of Table Manners in Ancient Thrace (according to Xen. Anab. 7.3)

3 – Adriana Sarbova // Architectural Elements of the Thracian Cultic Buildings. The Doors

4 – Nedka Kapralova // Catalogue of Book Subscription during the Bulgarian Revival Period

5 – Ivan Hristov // Bulgarian Literary Modernism. The Problem of Time and Identity

6 – Iliya Nikolov, Boyka Zlateva, Aneliya Nikolova, Deyan Lesigyarski // XRF and Raman Spectroscopy of Pigments and Binders in Works of Bulgarian Artists from the Collection of Krasimir Dachev

7 – Elena Borisova // Engineering the Human Soul: Bulgarian Children`s and Young Adult Science Fiction  in the 20th Century

8 – Ivaylo Parvanov, Elya Tzaneva // Digitization of Bulgaria’s Ethnographic Archival Heritage

9 – Mina Hristova // Everyday Nationalism and Identity Narratives: The Case of the Built Environment in the Sandanski Municipality

Year 3 / Issue 5

About Issue 5

1 – Zlatomira Gerdzhikova // In Augustinum: Maximinus of Durostorum and his Dispute with Augustine

2 – Samuil Kamburov // Foreign Military Contingents and Troops on the Lower Danube in the Period
late 9th – mid 11th Century

3 – Alexandre Kostov //Towards the Modernization of Health Systems in the Balkans in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries: The Outpatient Medical Care

4 – Ivaylo Nachev // Sofia’s Central Mineral Baths and the Policies of the Municipal Authorities on the Utilization of Mineral Waters and the Development of Public Bathsuntil the First World War

5 – Zhelyu Vladimirov // Social and Economic Benefits of Cultural Heritage Tourism in the City of Shumen

6 – Mariana Angelcheva, Tatyana Tomova // Apitherapeutic Heritage – Application and Innovation in the Spa and Wellness Industry of Bulgaria

7 – Diana Popova-Dobreva // Wellness Innovations Based on Bulgarian Rose

8 – Irina Nesheva, Bistra Dimitrova // Social Effect of Implementing Wellness Programs During Pregnancy

9 – Yelis Erolova // A Study of Immovable Cultural Values with the Category of ‘Local importance’ in the Municipality of Balchik

10 – Julia Popcheva // Unknown, Forgotten and (Re)discovered: A Possible New Life for Three Fortresses near the Town of Kavarna


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